This is Gigi’s Budgie Parakeet picture and story.

She rescued this little handicapped Budgie Parakeet from a store.

Handicapped Budgie Parakeet Handicapped Budgie Parakeet

Upon visiting the local pet store (one of my favorite haunts) one day, I saw that a shipment of Budgies had been delivered and were in their display cage.

I noticed a scrawny blue Budgie Parakeet with a deformed leg that stuck out perpendicular to his body having quite a time getting to the food dish as the other healthier and more robust birds would push him away from it.

Well that started my bleeding heart to going which made my husband sigh upon realizing that I just had to purchase that poor little bird to give him a good home.

The Budgie was dubbed Mini Cooper (Cooper after my favorite rock singer and my husband added Mini to the name) and was introduced to his feathered sister Abby the Orange Winged Amazon who accepted his arrival with a bit of reservation being the sometimes stuffy little lady she is ;-).

Mini Cooper quickly gained the weight he needed to and loves to play with his belled mirror. The very first day I had him home he learned to step up onto my hand which melted my heart even more for this feathered soul.

I think the deformities he has (the leg and a crooked back) are "birth defects" and not a result from any injuries. He does have some use of the foot on the deformed leg and it doesn't appear to cause him any pain or discomfort.

I have made his large cage "user friendly" for him as he has to have some considerations made in view of the unbendable leg…such as what toys are safe and appropriate for him along with removing the metal grate on the bottom of his cage and replacing it with soft bird safe cushions for when he loses his balance and falls off his perch.

He has shown me what an acrobat he can be when he crawls around upside down on the top of his cage and hangs there by his deformed leg...what a character he is!

Mini Cooper is probably the happiest little soul I've ever met. Nothing seems to faze him. He chirps and chatters all day long and loves to spend time sitting on his window perch watching the hummingbirds and butterflies flit by.

He hasn't talked yet but I think he will in the very near future. Mini Cooper loves to have his head and back scratched and gives me kisses with his little beak. What a blessing he has been to my life.

Budgie Parakeets are good first birds to have...they are big parrots in a little body with gregarious personalities. Many people consider Budgie Parakeets a "throw away bird" which is very sad because with loving care, socialization and attention they become great feathered companions that will bring a lot of joy into a person's life.

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