This is Karen’s Budgie Parakeet picture and story.

This little Budgie Parakeet found Karen in her yard and stole her heart.

Blue Budgie Parakeet, GG (God's Gift)

I told everyone that my flock was complete and that if God meant for me to have another bird, one would come land on my shoulder while I was outside.

On Easter Sunday 2006 while I was outside I happened to see a blue bird fly into the tree across the street. I went over and saw that it was a parakeet but he was too high to get to so I just talked to him and then went back across the street and started watering.

Next thing I knew, there was the parakeet landing inches from me so I just reached down and picked him up. I posted on numerous lost and found sites but nobody claimed him so now he’s my bird. I just knew he was a gift from God, so his name is GG which is short for God’s gift.

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