This our Budgie Parakeet Sunshine.

This Budgie Parakeet is no average bird.

Blue Budgie Parakeet, Sunshine Budgie Parakeet Blue/Yellow
Sunshine Sunshine’s Beautiful Feathers

We can’t say enough about our daughter’s Budgie Parakeet, Sunshine. He was hand fed by Ramona of Ramona’s Parrots in Waco, Texas. All of her birds are sweet and cuddly when you bring them home.

We are of the opinion that Sunshine is the most beautiful, intelligent and talkative Budgie we know. His feathers have so many beautiful colors.

Sunshine lives up to his name. Our daughter originally named him Sunshine because his sweet yellow head seems to be placed in a blue sky of feathers. Now we think of him a Sunshine because he is so very happy!

When we carry his cage from room to room, he will come to the side of the cage and get as close to us as he can. If you bend down to talk to him, he will attach himself to the side of the cage right next to your face. He LOVES people. Sunshine says so many phrases, I couldn’t begin to list them all. He's only a year and a half old, and has been speaking since we brought him home.

We don’t have to teach him anything. He has been known to repeat something we say in his presence the first time we say it. He talks in full sentences. In fact, he talks most of the day and seems to carry on conversations.

People always say that you shouldn’t put a mirror in a budgie’s cage, but we did it anyway. He absolultely loves the mirror. Once we saw how much he loved mirrors, we purchased one that has sides, so that it looks like he has lots of friends! It seems that the mirror encourages him to talk. He does most of his talking to his friends in the mirror.

Our Budgie Parakeet loves bells also. I hope to someday get a picture of him sitting with one of his bells on his head like a hat. He puts his head under the bell and just sits there. It is so funny.

He loves to hit the bell and talk to it and then hit the bell again. He also likes to chew on toys that have those little popcicle sticks on them like propellers.

If you can’t afford an expensive parrot, want a happy, cuddly, talkative, smart parrot, then purchase a Budgie Parakeet from a breeder that hand feeds them. You will not be disappointed.

P.S. You do need to hold your Budgie and play with it often to keep it tame. A hand fed bird looks to you as it’s flock, so don’t let it down.

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