Budgie possible trauma from cat

by Natalie

Our healthy budgie that we've had for two years spent a week being babysit at a neighbor's house over Christmas. They have cats, and the baby sitter admitted that she let the budgie out once when she thought the cat was locked up; it wasn't, and it lunged at our bird. There was no physical injury that we could see. That's been eight weeks ago, and our budgie has never been right since. He constantly cries instead of chirping, increases his cries when we get close to him, and when we let him out this afternoon, he rolled around on the floor as if he was in dying throes. We thought that was it, but we put him back in his cage and he is back to normal. His eating and drinking are not off at all.

Can a budgie have nervous trauma and never recuperate? We had been considering buying another budgie for the cage in hopes that that would calm him down.

Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Feb 12, 2010
Budgie possible trauma from cat
by: Linda

FIRST AND FOREMOST, YOU MUST GET YOUR BIRD IN TO SEE AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR DRIVING ARE. This should have been done immediately, and now it is critical that you take him in.

What happens with cats as they may just scratch the bird a bit, and this will cause an infection that kills them. Cat scratches and bites are deadly for birds, and only a little scratch is enough to start a full-blown infection, so please do not delay taking him to the Avian vet as your time may be very limited.

And yes, birds can be traumatized, and I believe this is MORE than that, so make appointment, bundle him up good so he does not get cold and get him in there quickly as you may wish you did later. For trauma, it will just take time and lots of love and patience. Put yourself in his place with a huge monster with teeth and claws after you, and you'll begin to get the idea here.

Lots of people do not understand what a cat attacking a bird means. It sometimes means the bird dies from a horrible infection caused from cat teeth and/or claws. It is not something to take lightly.For anyone reading this who has a cat or cats, always be nearby when your bird is out of cage as this happens when you least expect it, and is deadly for birds.

Let us know what vet has to say, and hope all is well.


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