Budgie problems

by Mihai
(Bucharest, Romania)

Budgie with leg problem

Budgie with leg problem

I have a 5 month old budgie. One day, about a month ago he suddenly refused to go out of his cage (he used to fly every day in the room, he had his favourite place he would sit on). If we took him out of his cage, he flew only a little oriented towards the ground, his flight wasn't directed towards a higher place (such a lamp or a palm tree - he previously used to sit all day long on these.)

A week ago I found him on the floor of his cage lying on his back, not being able to turn around. I took him in my hand to check him out and I observed he couldn't stay anymore on his right foot on the perches, choosing to stay on the ground and limping whenever he went to eat. Next day, I took him to a General Veterinarian (here in Romania there are no Avian vets). He had consulted him and told us he probably hurt his leg (his leg was a bit swollen) in the cage and prescribed him hydrocortisone to put on his leg, a cocktail of vitamines (liquid multivitamin solution for birds) to be put in his drinking water.

Today, I observed that his leg was ok and he stands on both legs but he leans on his tummy and whenever he 'walks' he crawls, helping himself by his beak. When I put him on my finger he stands on both legs in a normal position but he begins to shiver all of a sudden, chirps and opens widely his wings. Nevertheless, in his cage he stands on his chest and belly and still crawls whenever he goes to eat.

I suppose he's physically okay but he's afraid not to fall off his perch or off my finger..How can I cure his fear? Is a treatment possible in this case ?

Thank you for your time, I hope I'll have an answer soon.

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Apr 06, 2010
Budgie with leg problems
by: The Avian Vet

I see this type of problem in birds that have been over clipped. They lose their balance and cannot perch. It also sounds like the leg was injured, which will take time to heal. I do not recommend using vitamins in the water, these are ineffective and can cause dirty water which will lead to infection and or dehydration.

You should be feeding a balanced diet of 60% pellets and 30% seeds with fresh vegetables as treats. This will eliminate the need to vitamin supplements. I also think there are other problems making him crawl and not walk. You should go back in for a recheck or seek a second opinion.

Dr B

Apr 05, 2010
Budgie problems
by: Linda

I'm so sorry your bird is suffering this way. His leg may be broken, and this long after, it would have to be re-broken and splinted so it can heal properly. The vet you took him to DID NOTHING TO HELP HIM. He needed xrays of the leg taken, so a break or fracture could be seen. He will not get any better because if his leg was actually broken (and it sounds like it), it has healed wrong and will continue to cause him much pain and difficulty getting around.

I am very sorry to tell you this, but your bird is NOT going to get better from this without the aid of an Avian Vet. Even in that case, all they could do is to xray leg to see where break is and how bad and then re-break leg so it could be splinted properly to allow for healing.

Your little bird is cripple, and the possibilities are good that he is in constant pain from this. Dogs who have been abused, had legs broken and left un-splinted are in almost constant pain until a vet re-breaks bones. In some cases, if enough time has passed and break was severe, there is no fixing the problem.

I don't know what to tell you here. If he is still able to eat, that is good, but he is probably in pain and euthanization would be your best course of action, in my opinion, so he does not suffer so much. The shaking and chills are results of chronic pain and possibly infection at the site. The vet should have given him antibiotics at the very least as the vitamins did no good whatsoever.

Also, DO NOT EVER ALLOW BIRDS TO FLY ALL AROUND THE HOUSE AS THIS IS DANGEROUS. All birds wings need to be clipped, and just the 6 long primary feathers at the ends of the wings are the ones that need trimming. You can do a search on the internet about trimming wings, and they will have diagrams to show you which ones to trim and how. Blood feathers are those newer feathers that look kind of purple, so you never cut those as bird can bleed to death. It takes two people to trim a birds wings, so you would need someone to hold bird while you trim or the other way around. This is after you get another bird and LEARN HOW TO TRIM THE WINGS.

I'm sorry I cannot be of more help, but this is a case for an Avian Vet and not a dog and cat vet, and is definately out of our knowledge base. I do believe the leg was broken and that your bird may very well be in constant pain. The medicines your vet gave him did nothing to help the situation.

Thanks for writing and sorry this has happened to your little bird.I would give him a little more time and see if it gets any better. If not, then the kindest, most loving thing you can do is to have the vet put him to sleep so he is out of constant pain and agony. It takes a very strong and loving heart to be able to help our birds like this when they need it. Please don't allow him to suffer needlessly because you cannot stand the thought of having him put to sleep.


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