Picture and Story of Budgie, Puffball.

Kiana's Budgie Parakeet, Puffball

Puffball is the world to me. He is a blue-white budgie bird. At the pet store he was the only one that was this colour and had long wing-feathers also a long tail. I think he is very intelligent and cute. He loves to jump on the door of the cage when I come home. I wouldn't trade Puffball For 100 000000!!! I would give up my dad though. (Smile)

Puffball is a 5 year old budgie as of March 2007. When I bought him he was the smallest budgie in the store. I thought he was just a baby but he hasn't grown any bigger. I've tried every pet store around to try to find a budgie that looks like him, but I haven't had any luck, the budgies are either too big or too small or smaller wings and tails.

Puffball has been very aggressive over the years but now he will make the sound of a remote control and he has been sorta' letting me pat him. All I want to know if he is a different kind of budgie!

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