Budgie regurgitates on toy

by Kay

My budgie is regurgitating his food into his ball he plays with. He only does this when he has the ball but get angry if the ball is taken off him. He seems healthy enough what is the best remedy for this he is out of his cage all day.

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Sep 19, 2011
Budgie regurgitates on toy
by: Jane

I wouldn't be worried, it sounds as if his toy is a substitute for a mate. During courtship budgies feed each other and this is exactly what he is doing...he's in love with his toy.That's also why he gets annoyed when you try to take it away!!

Sep 15, 2011
Budgie regurgitates on toy
by: Linda

If you are seeing any undigested food in the vomit, then your bird is very ill and needs to be examined by an Avian Vet in your area.

The other thing is that birds should never be allowed to be outside their cages all day and all night if that is the case. Their cage is their safe place, and they have to spend some time in them to eat, drink and sleep. Birds need about 12 hours of darkness in which to sleep, and this means cage is in a quiet place so they can sleep. Birds who stay up all hours are tired and will get sick and die from never being able to rest.

So, look at the vomit and see if you see any seeds in it. If you do, your bird is very ill and may have a very bad virus. If you do not see this, then your bird has not and is not receiving any kind of guidance as to what he should and should not do. Birds are like children in that they need limits set on what they can and cannot do and direction when they are doing something. Mostly, they need attention so they don't have to turn to a toy for it all the time.

I suggest you study about your bird and what he needs to be happy, healthy and safe. A good bird does not just happen to some people and not to others. People train their birds to be who they are as the birds are like small children all their lives. Birds have to be worked with and trained to be good birdy citizens. If they are not given this attention, they can and do become little tyrants who try to run the entire household. This is not the bird's fault, but is the fault of the human caretakers. Have your bird examined by an Avian Vet before beginning any training or making any dietary changes as a sick bird cannot learn because they don't feel well.

Thanks for writing,

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