budgie signs

by Nancy

I always wonder if my female bugdie is pregnant, but I don't know how to tell. Can you give me some pregnancy for bugdies signs? Like I said I don't know how tell.

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Oct 19, 2011
Bird pregnant?
by: Tracie

Birds do not "get pregnant" like humans do. They don't carry an egg like a baby, they produce the egg and then lay it so the bird doesn't stay big like a human.

From Dr B: "Birds do not get pregnant like mammals. They produce an egg which takes about 25 hours. The egg is laid and she is no longer "pregnant." This occurs about 4-6 times per laying cycle over a 7-10 day period. When she is (with egg) she is gavid."

If your bird lays eggs often, please read our Chronic Egg Laying article that was written by an avian vet.

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