budgie some times wines

by Conrad Barr

Hello I have a 3 year old female budgie, she is molting at this time. She sleeps quite a lot of the time in the day and evening. She some of the time makes a whining sound, I took her to the vets a couple of weeks ago to have her checked out.

She had lost some weight from the last time she was weighed at the vets. At vets 54G when weighed a year ago, recentley at vets vets 47G she seems to be keeping to that weight at home.

When I first got her she could have been over weight for her size of bird. I provide her with a seed diet plus millet and cuttle bone+ apple and bannanas. The vet told me to give vitimam A in water each day, which seems to have helped a bit.
She comes out of cage every night to eat of my hand, but not as active as normal.

I have had two lots of stool samples tested recently to try and make sure she is alright. She still cleans herself and looks good.
I hope you can give some advice.
Many thanks Conrad Barr.

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Jan 11, 2012
Whining budgie
by: Tracie

What tests were run on your bird? Do you have an avian vet? Dr B needs to know what tests were run on your bird to give suggestion for other tests to be run. Did they check for tumors etc?

There is no way he can tell why your bird is making this noise, but he is totally against adding vitamins to the water and feeding the diet you are feeding.

Your budgie should be eating 60 - 70% quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush and only 30 - 40% healthy treats that include seed.

Please read our Switching Birds To Pellets article written by our avian vet for more information.

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