Budgie son attacks mother

by Sherry
(North Dakota)

We have a male bugie that our female hatched about 6months ago. Last week, he attacked his mother, her right is bloody and he pecked on her chest so there is very little feathers left.. why would he do this? We have separated them and she seems to be doing better today. Will he ever be able to be in a cage with another bird now?
thank you

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Sep 06, 2009
Budgies are Aggressive
by: Linda

Budgies are one of the most aggressive birds in the parrot world. When we look at how small they are, this does not sound right, and it is. They cannot be housed with any other type of bird. A son should have been separated from his Mother a long time ago, as your Budgie Boy is breeding age now, and Mother may not have been receptive to her own son's attentions.You are fortunate he did not kill her outright, and this WILL happen if you leave anymore babies in with parents too long.

Your Mother bird needs to see an Avian vet as she may have an infection from this attack. Please make an appointment to have her looked at. Once baby birds have all their feathers and are weaned and learning to eat regular food, never leave them in close proximity to their parents. Budgies reach sexual maturity quickly and this can cause many problems if sons, daughters and other closely related birds are housed together.

As for can he be housed with another bird, only if the cage if roomy enough for them to fly around in it. If your cages are too small, all your birds will fight no matter who they are. Just because Budgies are small does mean they can live in a small cage. They need as large a cage as you can possibly get them or build for them. Birds like cages wider than tall so they can fly back and forth and get the exercise they must have to stay healthy. Make sure cage bar spacing is appropriate for your Budgies and that you have natural wood perches in cages so their feet can be more comfortable.


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