budgie standing on mate

by marion

hi, we have a young budgie approx 6 mths old. We have been told he is a male. he has a mate who is 4-6 mths old. We were told by the bird shop that the mate is probably a female.

We have noticed our male(?) has been trying to stand on his mate. He puts his foot on her and holds her down. When she tries to get away he just moves with her and digs his claws into her.

He is also always showing her that he is the dominant bird. He puffs himself up and and just sort of pushes at her as if to say "I am bigger than you". He also often pecks at her when she is eating and will push her out the way so he can eat instead.

Is the holding her down a form of mating behavior or is it his way of showing dominance.

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Jan 02, 2012
Aggressive behavior
by: Anonymous

Hm, that sounds like aggressive behavior to me. Sounds like they are both males, actually, and if the dominant one was there first, it is probably something maybe territorial. But I a not even close to a bird expert, so i may be wrong. I also suggest taking them both to an Avian Vet.

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