Budgie - Trying to get out of the cage

by Cheri
(Hull, East Yorkshire, UK)

My daughter has just got a 6 week budgie. She was bought from a Pet shop with food and the cage. We have already had to peg the doors where the food and water trays are as she is constantly trying to what looks like get out.

Will she grow out of this? As I work a couple of days I am now afraid that one day when I return home she will be flying around the lounge. The cage is filled with lots of toy so she has plenty to play with and we are constantly talking to her. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Dec 16, 2008
by: Anonymous

You need to get her wings clipped by a professional so that it can't fly if it gets out. It is less likely to get hurt by flying into a wall or window. Then give it time to calm down and get comfortable with its new home. The bird will need to have time out of its cage every day after it has settled in. If it wasn't hand fed it will take time and patience to get it to trust you so that you can handle it.

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