Budgie Vet Visit & Medication

by Alex

I took my budgies to the vets as one has been having an eye irriration since 14th December when I first visited.

The eye drops had helped somewhat, but the eye was still irritating it.

The vet said that she could see no obvious problem with it, and she could only suggest a different anti-biotic, but one that would go in the water rather than the previous eye-drops.

I also had her look at my other budgie while I was there as he / she makes a squeaking sound hen they breathe after flying, but could not derect anything wrong woth the heart or breathing after using the stethicope. She spoke to her colleague reagarding both birds, and he agreed with her.

I explained that budgies do not drink much and she gave me some very small syringes and suggeted I put 0.01ml of the anti-biotic in the syringe and then draw up 0.19ml of water and feed them orally.

She gave them the first does and one of them vomitted it back up.

Is this likely to happen every time I give them some, and will this have any effect on them.

I am to go back in a week if they get worse or fail to improve back to health again, and will be referred to a specialist.

Previous eye drops: Chloramphenicol eye drops. 3-4 times a day.

New medication: Baytril 2.5% oral solution. Twice a day. 0.01ml diluted with 0.19ml of water.

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Sep 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

they aspirate from choking on water and food you give them, I read you can turn themupside doen and assert pressure at the wishbone section , Liquid and seeds came up, I rolled a tissue in a thin tube and stuck it in birds mouth to suck up all liquid,He was very dehydrated and couldn't eat so I started crop needle, he still became dehydrated so I mix 0.05mm boiled water and a tiny spec of salt and vit powder into a thin Diabetic syringe and injected it just under the skin on his back. He is still battling but ive lost far to many rejected or abandoned finches so I go out of my way.Ive saved 11 sofar and these 3 willmake it 14.
all those I took to the vets killed my birds. There are no Avian vets here in Cape Town refer to http://birdwhiperer.co.za

Jan 21, 2012
Budgie vet visit and medication
by: The Avian Vet

Do not put antibiotics in the water. This is not going to help and may cause other problems. You need to take him to see an avian specialist.

This could be as simple as dry air, or it could be a weight issue, or even an infection. Normal auscultation does not rule out any of these things.

I do not see the need for adding water to the syringe. You run the risk of aspiration, too. If your birds are dehydrated the best way to rehydrate is by giving injectable fluids. But your birds may not be dehydrated. Budgies drink very little water as they are from a very arid climate.

Yes, it is likely to continue to happen. You may need a different antibiotic.

Yes, go see a specialist. Find an Avian Vet

Dr B

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