Budgie vet visit.

by Alex
(London, UK)

I recently posted a question about my female budgie's feather loss.

I took Lightning to the vets in London for a second opinion as advised by Dr B, and he agreed with Dr B, and disagreed with the previous avian vet.

He stated that Dr Jones (other avian vet) obviously likes steroids.

He also stated the problems associated with dairy products and the dangers of too much protein in their diet.

Lightning was taken in to surgery and anaesthatised and a small hormaonal implant was placed in the left hand side of her chest area just under the skin.

He stated that he would prefer to use antihistmanines and presribed piriton 0.03ml to be given once or twice daily along with Flagyl S to be given once a day for 5 days. Both to be given orally through a small 1 ml syringe.

He stated that the implant will take approx 2 weeks to start working and at first she may pluck a little more before the hormones balance out.
I left happier ith his diagnosis, altjough it cost me just over $202 / £133.

The other vet charged just £38 for his treatment.

The vt ask dme to bring her back should she have any problems ith the implant or if things have not improved after a month.

THe day before the appointment she was sleeping more, and I didn't mention it as I thiught maybe she was justa little more tired tahnusual and dismissed it when we got back because I thiught it as just the remainder of the anaesthetic she had.

Today she is again sleeping in her cage. Is there soemthing else wrong? Should I take her back for blood tests which he didn't think were necassary at that point but he said they may be needed at a alter date if she doesn't improve.

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Jan 24, 2013
Thanks for your input
by: Alex

Thanks for the input. She went to an emergency vet appointment last night and as pescribed antibiotics. The avian vet just told me to up the prescribed dosage.

Jan 23, 2013
Budgie vet visit.
by: Anonymous

My bird had surgery back in Oct of this year.
After her surgery she was put on pain meds, and antibiotics, however... she slept a lot afterwards. The vet was in constant contact with me for after care which was nice.

But he said it was how some birds deal with surgery afterwards. If it lasted more than 2-3 days then he wanted her back in. Sure enf 2-3 days later she was back to her normal self. Thankfully. (She split her keel)

Now, they have collars they can place on the bird to keep them away from the surgery site. But it's very stressful on a bird.
They told me they'd prefer that if she plucked or picked the stitches that I could take a baby shirt cute off the sleeve, and cut holes on the sides, and place it on the bird like a tank top shirt.
It keeps the bird from getting to the site. Thankfully my bird didn't pick or pluck, but she was also given pain meds. The reason some birds will pick a surgery site is bc of pain. They don't understand why it hurts, or why it itches when as it heals. So they can stress over it.

I was allowed to pick her up and play with her immediately after surgery as well. Vet said she still needed input, but let her nap if she needed.

I hope your little one makes it thru all this. Good luck! Hope I was a help.

Jan 23, 2013
by: Alex

I have spoken to the vet and he thinks she may have an infection and may need antibiotics.

He said to give him a call tomorrow to update him on how she is and if she is still the same they may send out some antibiotics.

Jan 23, 2013
Avian vet
by: Alex

Tracie, I have called the vets. The vet is out of the office at the moment, but will call be back when he returns to discuss her case.

Thank you for your quick repsonse.

Jan 23, 2013
Budgie sleeping a lot
by: Tracie

You need to call your avian vet and tell them that she is sleeping more today and see what they suggest. Sometimes Dr B doesn't answer questions for days or even more than a week due to his busy vet practice and teaching schedule. You can't afford to wait on this one.

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