Budgie walking on 1 foot

by Janet

My budgie, Joshua, is only walking on 1 foot, but iI dont know if it's bruised or not! My brother said his foot got stuck under his food bowl.Joshua is not alone, he has a mate named Cocoa. His foot is purple and it's not gripped.I've read that sometimes that usally cancer, or leads to death. What do I do!!!

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Jan 17, 2012
Budgie walking on 1 foot
by: Linda

Your bird has probably broken his foot from getting it trapped under the bowl. Please take him to an Avian Vet immediately so foot can be xrayed to see how badly it is broken.

Broken bones make feet turn purple and swell up. He should have already been taken to an Avian Vet because bones have to be set immediately or your bird will be crippled for life. Do not delay any longer in getting him the medical services he needs as he is in a great deal of pain and needs help.

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