Budgie Weaning

by Megan

I have 3 baby budgies. Two of them are 4 weeks old and one is 3 weeks old. The oldest 2 have just started to come out of the nest box but they spend all day going in and out of it and they go back in at night. Is it normal for them to keep going back in until they are ready to stay out for good. And I also wanted to know around how long is it between when they start coming out of the box until they are completely weaned?

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Jul 05, 2018
by: Anonymous

I'm hand feeding my baby budgie right now and don't know how convert them to pellets. Do I wet the pellets into a gooey paste for the first few days then slowy decrease the amount of water everyday, or do I just start giving them pellets and stop handfeeding them?

Dec 13, 2010
Budgie Weaning
by: Linda

Your birds are still babies and need the comfort and safety of the nest box for a while longer. You'll know when they are weaned when they start eating food outside their cages.

I strongly suggest you buy some organic, high quality pellets like Harrisons to wean them to. You'll also need to buy cages for each baby until you find homes for them because they cannot be allowed to breed being brothers and sisters as this is a very poor genetic setup.

The food can be found here, and go ahead and start putting some into the food dish. I'll attach instructions, written by an Avian Vet, about how to go about changing the parents over to the pellets. The babies will be much easier to change over if you start it now so they can begin to eat it as they wean. Weaning babies sometimes need their food soaked a bit in clean water. Not runny wet, but just moist so it is a bit softer. Go ahead and get the Harrison's High Potency in the grind made for your size birds (it tells in descriptions of pellets), and follow instructions for changing the parents over as follows below. The change takes time, so make sure you follow instructions to the letter:

Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Please begin the change as soon as you can because all parrots, even the small ones, need to be eating a highly nutritious diet and all seed diets are slow starvation diets which take years off their lives plus they are sick more often than if eating a quality diet just as humans are. You will need no supplementation while feeding Harrisons except small amounts of organic fruit and veggies a few times a week. When I say small amounts, that is what I mean. Fruit and veggies cannot be more than 10-15% of the entire diet. Never feed any human foods as most of these are poisons that are full of salt, sugar and fat.

Remember to watch to see when they start feeding themselves, and when the Mother stops feeding them. Allow them to stay with their Mother until they are fully weaned and then move each bird into its own cage until a new home can be found for them. They will also need to be taken to an Avian Vet for a checkup before being moved into a new home as it is a stressful time for all birds, and they are likely to contract infections. Make sure they are healthy enough to be moved, and their new caretakers will thank you for your thoughtfulness.


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