Budgie WIng Clipping

by Alex
(London, England)

I do not really like the thought of having my budgies wings clipped and restrict their flight, but since getting a friend for my budgie within a week of getting him, he is no longer letting me touch him inside the cage, and trying to catch them is a hard task when it is time to put them back.

I would like to build up some bond with both, but do not know whether wing clipping will help us bond and help training.

They are 10 and 12 weeks old.

The second budgie has always been scittish, but the first one used to let me touch him and handle him until the newbie arrived.

They are both from the same parents, but different clutch of eggs. My Dad breeds them.

Basically, what I am trying to say, is should I take them to the vet and pay for them to be clipped?

Thank you.

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Dec 04, 2011
by: Alex

The wings were clipped yesterday.

My 12 week budgie seems fine with flight, but the 10 week one is very clumsy and flies in to the walls and cupboards.

Also, when landed or on my finger, he / she holds their wing out slightly for a couple of minutes each time after flying in to a wall or cupboard.

My Mum said that they will be fine, but it got me a little worried.

Dec 02, 2011
Budgie WIng Clipping
by: Linda

To answer your questions about having a good relationship with your two birds, you will have to separate them into two cages for this to happen. When you have one bird, you can better begin a relationship of mutual trust which takes time for any new bird. When you added the new bird, you gave them each other, and they don't have as much need for you. Clipping the wings is a good idea and so is separating them into two cages that are placed close together.

This will be very important as soon as they reach breeding age will will be before they are a year old. You cannot breed these two birds because their bloodlines are so close together. This kind of breeding will result in birth defects both physical and mental because of the close relationship.

If you do decide to breed them later, you'll need to get another male and female to put with each of them to make sure they are not bred into brother and sister situation. This is called inbreeding and results in malformed babies most of which will have to be put to sleep because their deformities are so severe.

Putting them in separate cages will allow you to take one bird out at a time to work with him/her. When you're done with one, put him/her up and take out the other bird and work with it. Your birds can still play together on top of cages and then need to be put back in their own cages for rest and eating.

Thanks for writing and keep in touch about how it goes.


Dec 02, 2011
Thank you
by: Alex

Thank you Tracie. I have phoned my Dad, and he said that he will be able to clip their wings, as he has done so for years.

He will be over tomorrow to do so.

Thanks again for your help.

Dec 02, 2011
Clipping bird wings
by: Tracie

I would have their wings clipped both for training and safety. Unless you have a bird room that is completely bird safe and has NO outside doors, it is best that the birds not be allowed to fly around where they might ingest something toxic or have something fall on them.

You might be able to find another breeder that has experience with trimming the birds wings if your dad doesn't do this. You just want to make sure the person is VERY experienced or they can injure the bird by holding it too tight or by clipping the wings improperly.

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