Budgie with a big moving lump!

by Amelia Dalgleish

I have a Budgie with a big lump near its bum. I took it to the vet a month ago and the vet had never seen it before, she took an xray and nothing showed up no egg or anything. she told me to just see how it goes and now a month later it has started to harden into not an egg shape, but something creature like and alive and i can see/feel it moving around inside of her. im not sure what it is and if its causing her any pain?

i am due to take her to the vet again tomorrow and was asking for any suggestions on what it may be? My budgies name is sunshine, she is 4 years old and she has a male mate and has bred with him before, although she has before laid eggs in her breeding box, none of them have ever hatched with living chics. Can someone please help?

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Jul 11, 2011
Budgie with moving lump
by: Tracie

You are doing the correct thing by taking her back to the vet. Make sure you are seeing an avian vet, because regular vets often have little to zero training and experience with small birds and often kill birds accidentally.

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