Budgie with foot sores leaning to one side and panting

by Sam

My new budgie is leaning to one side, has sores on her feet, seems to have weak legs, is panting and occasionally clicking as well as have purple veins on her legs.

The bright side is she eats and drinks. I've given her fresh food but I don't think she eats it, i'm away at school most of the day and when I come home there seems to be non e missing. She eats the stalks of the grass I bring in for her though.

She'll sit on perches and my hand, but sometimes curls her foot up and seems uncomfortable.

My parents won't let me take her to the vet, and I have been scouring the internet for somebody with a similair problem but nothing has come up.

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Dec 05, 2013
Budgie with sores
by: Tracie

Sores on her feet could be from improper perches. The wood dowels that come with cages are terrible for their feet. Natural branches are best, but other perches with varied sizes are good too.

An avian vet over the Internet can not examine your bird nor prescribe a treatment. Most avian vets take payments, please see if your parents will allow you to take the bird to an avian vet and maybe you could do something for them or others to pay for the bill. Your bird could have an infection and only an in person visit will allow an avian vet to prescribe in our country.

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