Budgie with swollen wing?

by Ashley
(Oakland, MD, USA)

I have a budgie that's wing has become swollen and orange from the carpometacarpus all the way to the tip of her left wing.
It is not an abscess, and there is no puss coming out of it. The skin is soft, and she has a bunch of tiny short feathers in that spot, but none seem to be swollen, or missing.
There are no bird experts for hours around where I live, and I need advice on what is wrong with her!
I uploaded two pics to my photobucket, and you can find them at the following URLS:
Hope to get a response soon, thank you!

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Feb 06, 2009
Budgie with swollen wing
by: The Vet

This is probably a xanthoma. These are related to a poor diet and often are genetic, too. IF this is a xanthoma then the only treatment option is a diet change and add omega fatty acids to the diet.

A quality pellet like Harrison's should make up 80% of your bird's diet. If you need help getting your bird to eat pellets, please read my Switching Birds to Pellets article.

If it is not a xanthoma, then it may be a cancer such as squamous cell carcinoma or a fibroma or similar tumor. You should have it examined and diagnosed so the correct treatment can be administered.

Dr B

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