Budgie with white .... errr??

by Emilie
(Australia )

I was given a budgie just over a week ago so I don't know his history. I can tell he's fairly young (I was told he was young but not how young). He's a male, and currently in a fairly small cage for him.

But the problem is he has lots of little white - I don't know how to describe them. Its like they're spines from feathers that havent grown properly amidst the rest of his plumage. They are mostly around his head. they don't seem to bother him, and aren't hard to touch.

He's in good spirits otherwise - he eats his seed (He wont touch any fruit or vegies) and drinks a little. He's certainly still fairly loud!

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Oct 13, 2011
Budgie molting
by: Tracie

These are new feathers coming in. The feather comes in covered with a tough protective sheath because this is a "blood feather" that still has a blood supply. When the feather is ready to come out, the sheath comes off and leaves a bunch of white dust everywhere.

You can help your budgie with this by providing water for the bird to bathe in. This will help to soften the sheath.

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