by sadie
(london, ont)

Hey My budgie. was scratching itself and its scratched its one eye. which is really RED rite now and was bleeding what shud i doo

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Aug 01, 2009
To the Avian Vet
by: Linda

Please take your bird to an Avian vet in your area immediately as his eye may very well depend on quick actions on your part. Also have vet trim his nails as well if they are long and have a point on the end.

Your bird may very well be in a lot of pain, so please do not delay getting him into the Avian vet.

Keep us posted on his progress.

Jul 31, 2009
Budgie with hurt eye
by: Tracie

Since Dr B can not examine the bird and prescribe an antibiotic or some other treatment, you need to take the bird to an avian vet.

I hope everything turns out okay.

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