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Apr 30, 2010
by: Linda

I don't understand your question. Budgies like a variety of toys in their cages or on their playstands and make sure they are for his size bird. Budgies also like to be with you, and don't exactly have to be entertained. Just make sure he has safe toys and also change the toys out once a month. You can recycle them back in later, and because bird's have short attention spans, they need different toys once a month to keep their interest.

Birds like to be sung to, played with and made a part of your world. They like some music and soothing music will calm them down, and a little more energetic music will get them excited, so try different things and see what he liks best. Budgies also can learn to talk though it is very hard to understand them, so you may try to teach him his name just by saying it some. You don't need tapes or any of that to teach a bird to talk. They learn to say things they hear around them like "I love you", "Time to Eat!" "let's play" and so on and so forth. Have fun with your bird. He may surprise you one day when he tells you "Time to Eat!", and you may even be able to hear it clearly.

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