budgies attacking

by peace bhamra
(mumbai, india.)

Hi, I am from Mumbai,India. I have three budgies in the same cage, 2 female and 1 male. The problem is that one female is continously attacking the other. I have a breeding box attached to the cage. Previously all 3 of them shared it but now the pair wont let the other into it. (They're very friendly with me and my kids and never bite us.) What should I do about it? Thanks in advance.

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Aug 11, 2010
budgies attacking
by: Linda

You have to put only one male and one female together for any kind of breeding to work. Please remove the other female, and put her into a separate cage where you can get another male later on. The parrot family is not like chickens in that one male has to have only one female and no more or there is fighting. The Parrot family mates with one other bird for life. If a mate dies, then another can be introduced, but not two at the same time as this is un-natural for the them. Remove the other female to another cage or she will most likely attempt to kill the babies once they are hatched. She is very confused, not mean, and an egg or two may actually be hers. No matter, just get her out of there before she kills or maims the other female and/or the babies when they hatch.

Thanks for writing,

Aug 10, 2010
bird owner
by: Al Mitchell

my suggestion would be that you remove the 3rd bird to a separate cage, if the other two are breeding you stand the chance of having the hen, or eggs, or both injured or worse killed, breeding birds can become very protective and it is cheaper to buy another cage then go thru the heartache of loosing one or more of them, and if you are not breeding then the nest box should be out of the cage altogether. remember that even in a large flight cage they may not all get along, but in a regular size cage and breeding you are asking for trouble. good luck either way.

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