Budgies Babies having no feathers

by Jahanzaib

Dear Concerns, I had so many budgies babies last month in my colony but 90% of them do no have feathers on it. Almost a month has been passed but their body hasn't been filled with the feathers so far. Only 50% of their body has been covered even they have left the nest/pot last month.

Few of my adult pairs are not breeding as well and their females are losing feathers on daily basis specially from the chest and head. What should I do to over come this problem as it is a huge loss for me that around 30-40 budgies are without feathers in my colony. Your kind expertise in this regard is required.

Regards, Jahanzaib

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Dec 12, 2011
Baby birds without feathers
by: Tracie

Your birds may have a disease, so it would be best for you to Find an Avian Vet to examine and test your birds right away.

There is no way to diagnose or treat this problem over the Internet, sorry.

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