Budgies boarding

by Alex
(London, UK)

I will be going on holiday shortly for 13 days and my Dad has kindly agreed to look after them and has had parrots and bred budgies in the past (one of them is a baby from one of his previous pairs.) So he has plenty of experience in bird care.

He has no other birds at present and has a spacious cage he was going to give me before he realised I had bought one already.

I know he will take good care of them, but I have read that I should sign a release in case one of the birds becomes ill or injured, so he can take them to an avian vet.

What exactly do I need to put in the release so that treatment will not be refused?

He did joke that if one had a heart attack that he could attach two wires to a battery and shock them and use a bicycle up instead of beak to mouth.)

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Apr 12, 2013
Budgies boarding
by: Linda

Thanks to Alex and Tracie for their very special comments about me! I'm not "all that" just an older lady who has been around the Birdy Block a few times!

The release to treat form can be very simple. Just state that NAME has your permission to get treatment or help for your birds in case of injury or illness. You may wish to put a from and to date or just leave it open. Avian Vet may be willing to take any treatment and put on your account, if not, you could leave a credit card or debit card with your Dad in case of emergency.

This kind of form is standard for all pet sitters who are taking care of multiple households of animals at any given time. In case of a life threatening emergency, make sure whoever is taking care of pets can immediately take them to proper vet with or without getting touch with you first. Sometimes a few minutes spent trying to track someone down will result in death of one of our beloved pets.


Apr 12, 2013
by: Alex

You mentioned the lovely Linda. She is totally invaluable.

Without her, we wouldn't be able to help others as good as we do.

She has never ending knowledge and explains it well.

She certainly knows her stuff, and she has already helped me so much on previous questions.

Apr 12, 2013
by: Alex

Yes the Alex that answers is ME! Just to clarify as I have a unisex name. I am male.

It is so nice of you to say thanks.

I may be a novice, but I did weeks of research on birds and still do to this day.

I comment on this site as I feel that my opinions and knowledge could help people.

I quite enjoy it, and also I can read questions and answers on her at the same tie that help with my birds.

I also get thanked personally and as a collective on questions which is nice to read.

Apr 11, 2013
Medical release form for caring for birds
by: Tracie

Alex, I like your dad already! LOL

Linda, a sweet lady who answers questions here often, may have something official to share since she was a long-time breeder.

As far as I know though, you just need a clear statement saying that your birds are to be taken to the vet or vet clinic listed on the page and whatever authorization you wish to give to your father as far as decision making goes.

For instance, I might put that Marcia, my friend that would care for my birds, has authorization to take my birds to Dr. soandso if she believes a bird is ill.

Once at the vet, my instructions would be that I be contacted, and give my cell phone and my husband's cell phone, for decisions concerning treatment once the bird has been examined.

Since your dad has bird experience, you may wish to leave him with your credit card or funds to cover an emergency and give him full approval for making all decisions without you being called.

Hopefully one of my wonderful readers will have already written something up you can use. I have written something like this up, but it never had to be used, thankfully.

You know, your avian vet might actually be the best person to ask, or even someone in the office. Where you live they may have different regulations, or it may even be different from vet to vet.

By the way, are you the Alex that is so sweet to answer questions on this site? If so, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this! The more opinions the better and the Alex that answers questions here is very thoughtful in the way he/she answers questions. :-) I need all the help I can get with this website!

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