Budgie's eye closed

by Alex
(London, England)

Sorry this will be long, but a background story is needed.

On 14th December 2011 I made an emergency appointment at the vets as I beleived my budgie (lightning) had injured his/ her eye, as he / she kept the left eye closed. Luckily the vet was avaliable in 15 minutes so I made the 5 minute journey on foot.

I was seen 5 minutes after arriving, and she took a look at the budgie and it took 15 minutes to examine the bird as Lightning kept the eye closed and wriggling around and trying to bite the vet. She tried to put some dye in the eye, but she was not sure that the eye had been open long enough for the drop to hit they eye.

She also tried to look in the eye, and even tried to carefully open the eye, but the third eyelid came down.

She said that as she cannot do a proper examination, she can only guess as to what the problem may be.

The vet said that the cornea may be scratched or be slightly irritated by an injury. Se presribed anti-biotics, and the appointment ended.

My probelm is that although the time has passed, usually of an evening and whilst perching during the day the left eye closes for a bit, and when that starts the eye isn't open for long before closing again.

Should I make a follow up appointment?

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Jan 21, 2012
Bird with eye closed
by: The Avian Vet

Yes. I suggest that you see an avian specialist who is capable of giving a thorough exam.

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Dr B

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