budgies in with rosabourkes

by kerry jones

I have two adult budgies and just recently put two female rosabourkes in with them, at the moment they are picking on them, will this settle down or should i seperate them?

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Aug 15, 2011
Budgies with Bourkes Parakeets
by: Tracie

I would separate them right away. You can't force birds to get along. Bourkes need a large cage, if you put them in a small cage with budgies there could be problems. You need to have several feeding stations and water bottles in a large cage if you want these birds to live together.

We only have two bourkes in a large flight cage, and even they will not share a food dish and water bottle. We have a dish and water bottle on opposite sides of the cage. Weird thing is, one bird still feeds the other bird, even though it won't let it eat out of it's dish. LOL

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