Budgies laying eggs

by Christine

Hi we have a male and female budgie, the male is about 18 months, the female is 2 1/2 yrs. They have been mating, and there have been 3 eggs laid so far, the first one was eaten, the 2nd was cracked so I removed it, yesterday she laid the 3rd one, this morning that one has gone, I'm not sure what happened as it was intacted yesterday, there is some shell in the nesting box, so I'm not sure whether it got cracked or eaten.

We started off with sawdust in the box, then I took it out, because I read that budgies do not like nesting materials, also the cage is usually in the living room, but we moved it to the kitchen, becaues its brighter in there, the door is left open so they can still fly into the living room, as we have a tree and toys for them, they are never shut in the cage, and have free run of the kitchen and living room. Now I'm wondering if I am stressing her out keep going out to make tea and such like, we do have another room we could move them too, but then they would be fairly islolated, please can you help. Thanking you in advance, we just want to do whats best for them. Chris

(moved to parrot questions since this is a breeding question that Linda can help with)

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Jan 16, 2012
Budgies laying eggs
by: Linda

Your problems are many, and I can only say so much here. I suggest you look up some breeders online and learn more about breeding before even attempting it. Birds have to have full spectrum lights provided with fixtures and bulbs above cage. Over the cage full spectrum lighting Cage cannot be kept in kitchen as the birds need privacy, peace and quiet. They also need 12 hours of full spectrum light and the same of darkness every day. Light coming through windows is not full spectrum light.

Both birds have to be examined by an Avian Vet before breeding, and diet has to be organic pellets for 80-85% of diet. Below is article about how to go about the change as it takes time. Make NO dietary changes until both birds have been examined and cleared or treated by an Avian Vet ONLY.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

You have much to learn about breeding birds, so get homework done before any further activity. Nestbox does not need anything in it, and sawdust is dangerous and nasty. If you have the correct breeding cage and nestbox, then that will be all you need. Right now, you need to learn many things including how to handfeed baby parrot formula using a syringe. This is a learned skill and a breeder in your area could help you with that. Birds can die from eating egg material that has laid out a while as infertile eggs go bad quickly. Remove nestbox for now until you get all the information you need and your birds onto a healthy diet with light and darkness taken care of. If you have to, separate birds to stop the breeding if taking out box does not do it. You are so not ready to breed these birds, and I just shudder to think how your lack of knowledge and skill will hurt your birds and any babies they may have.


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