Budgie's right leg dragging

My budgie, Charlie, seemed to be having balancing problems. Took him to a vet to get his nails clipped to see if that would rectify the problem. Now he is having problems getting around his cage. Can't decide if it is his right foot or something wrong with his wing but I do believe it has to do with the foot.

I have looked at his right foot and it does not seem swollen or broken. As he moves around it seems as if he can't get his right leg up when it slips off his perch or when he flies to another perch and his foot doesn't connect to where he is going. He then looses his balance and either falls to the floor of his cage or he needs to manoeuvre to get onto the perch he was going for.

He has a ladder in his cage and when he fell to the floor he went to climb up the stairs and he couldn't lift his right leg as he was climbing the ladder. His leg was dragging behind. The Vet did cut one of his nails to the point where it bled and she needed to clot it.

My questions are if the nail was cut to close could this be causing Charlie's problem? Could the problem be higher up on his leg and hidden by his body?

I have no problem taking Charlie to a Avian vet to be checked out, however, he does not seem to be in pain. I am a first time bird owner. Charlie came to me by fluke. He literally ended up on my front door step. I know very little about birds other than what I have read on the internet. I have read it could possibly be anything from a tumour to a sprain.

Charlie is not very tame and it is difficult for me to really have a close look at him.

Thanks for your help

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May 06, 2011
Bird dragging leg
by: The Avian Vet

If your bird struggled during the nail trim or if he was handled roughly it is possible that the leg was injured during the nail trim. There are other differentials too, including those you have mentioned. Clipping nails too short is painful, but it would not be so that it would cause him to loose balance or not use his leg. I think that you should go see an avian veterinarian to see what is causing this.

Dr B

May 05, 2011
A response
by: Anonymous

The vet was a normal vet who was very good with Charlie. She did tell me that Charlie should be taken to an Avian Vet if the balancing problem continued. Until yesterday Charlie's symptoms did not seem that there was an immediate need to look further. He might have hurt himself while she was catching him but she was very good and she also knew what she was doing in terms of cutting his nails. I am bringing him to an Avian Vet in an hour as he's has gotten worse overnight. Fingers crossed he will be okay!

May 05, 2011
Bird dragging leg after nail clip
by: Tracie

Dr B will answer this for you soon. I find it weird that your avian vet just clipped nails for a balance problem. You might start looking for a new avian vet.

Find an Avian Vet

If you took your bird to a regular vet, it is possible that they injured the bird's leg while cutting the nails, along with NOT diagnosing what was causing the balance issue. Regular vets, while nice and trying to be helpful, just don't have the training and experience for caring for pet birds properly most of the time. In my town, all of them have regularly killed birds just drawing blood and handling them wrong.

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