budgies who love green beans

by laura
(cambridge, MA USA)

Bella and Josie

Bella and Josie

our budgies love the seeds inside of green beans. I have been offering this to them most days for several years now because they love them. I see beans (cooked only) is acceptable on the allowed foods list on this website. Is this a dangerous practice to give my birds uncooked green beans? If there is a problem, can you please explain briefly what it is? They seem to thrive on this stuff now but I wonder if there is some long term danger. Many Thanks

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Jun 05, 2009
Budgies and Beans
by: Linda

As Traci said, raw green beans are okay, but be careful that they are organically grown. The beans sold in groceries have been sprayed and since the skin of the green bean is pourous, the chemicals go into the beans inside.

It is not hard to grow your own beans, either bush type or the type with runners. I used to feed my parrots the runner type during growing season, and they "unzipped" them better than I can shell beans or peas!

So, other than being careful where your beans come from, they are okay. Don't feed too much as too much can interfere with bird's basic diet which should be a healthy, organic pellet.

Like Tracie said, always cook pinto, kidney beans and/or dried peas. I would really leave kidney and pinto beans alone for the birds.

Just remember, buy bird's beans from a health food store or coop where you know they have not been sprayed with dangerous chemicals and this also includes anything but natural fertilizers.

Your Birdies are cute as they can be!


Jun 05, 2009
Raw green beans are safe for birds
by: Tracie

If you scroll down on the portion of the Non Toxic/Toxic for birds list, you will see that green beans are listed separately from beans and are safe.

Dried legumes, like kidney beans, are supposed to be cooked before feeding to your birds. Many raw beans (hard beans like Kidney beans)contain a trypsin inhibitor that interferes with protein metabolism; as well as hemaglutin (another toxin). Cooked or sprouted beans are fine.

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