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Jan 21, 2010
Somebody get rid of that employee
by: Maya

Your bird sounds so cute! It's too bad about his feet.

It makes me angry that they have people who have no idea what they are doing taking care of these precious creatures. I'm glad Buggie's wings turned out okay, but once he said that he had no idea how to trim the bird's wings, you should never have let him do it. That was extremely dangerous and could have ended badly. And that whole thing about his foot? >:( That just makes me mad!

You have inspired me, though. Plenty of birds have disabilities like that, I'm sure. Maybe when I adopt new birds, I'll look for one healthy and one with a disability. I'll train the healthy one to look after the one with special needs. All budgies need a loving home, but I think the ones people want least are the ones who need people most. I hope Buggie's feet are okay!

Apr 09, 2009
So Cute
by: Anonymous

real cute.i know what you mean because i got one too!Good luck on teaching it how to talk.

Sep 11, 2008
Awww :)
by: Gemma

This bird sound really really cute,
would you be able to put a picture up so we can all see what this budgie looks like.
It sounds really friendly.

Aug 20, 2008
Please post a picture
by: Tracie

Please submit a picture so we can all see this precious bird. Thank you for caring for this bird.

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