bugie foot

by sylvia
(Birmingham U.K)

male bugie 5yrs old, his left foot,when sitting on his perch his claws are'nt gripping,his front claw seem's to stick out.When i picked him up,sat him on my finger,still does the same thing,but when i have tried to put his feet flat on the palm of my hand he then clenches his claw up.I have felt alround his foot,does'nt seem to hurt him,he seem's happy in himself.Please try and help with you'r answer,many thank's.

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May 19, 2009
Bird Feet
by: Linda

I agree with Tracie that your little bird needs a trip to Avian vet to check out his feet and toes. To rule out a break, an xray may need to be taken.

Other contributing factors to foot problems with parrots of all sizes is choice of perches. Birds need varied size perches like natural branches, and Budgies need perches at least 1/2" and above diameter. Safe tree branches are ones that are safe species of trees (lists found on internet), ones that have never been sprayed with chemicals either on them, in them or around their bases. All natural branches need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove all mosses and/or other fungis. They need to be cured(dried) for up to a year before use. Sand or concrete perches need to be avoided at all costs. My male Amazon loved his sand coated concrete perch, and he lost two back toes before I wised up to what what wrong. The sand/concrete perches dry their feet out to the point of losing toes, so if you have them in his cage, throw them out and replace all plain, same-size dowels with natural wood perches that have varying sizes all the way up and down. Of course, you don't want to put in a branch that is 2-3" diameter as those are too large for Budgies and will end up covered in poop. Budgie appropriate size no less than 1/2" up to about 1" would work very well. Manzanita is a good hard wood, and there are also some soft woods that would work too to give his feet a break. Our Amazons have Manzanita for perching and playing and regular soft pine dowels in front of their food and water dishes.

So, to sum up, take birdy to avian vet to be checked out, make sure you have natural wood perches some hardwood, some softer woods--these can be bought here and other places on the net. If using Manzanita or any natural wood perch, be sure all sharps are hand-sanded down before putting in cage. Manzanita has very hard, sharp places where new growth was attached. These will cut a bird's feet to ribbons, yep, learned the hard way!

Let us know how everything goes and send us a picture of your little birdy when you can!


May 19, 2009
Budgie foot problem
by: Tracie

It sounds like you need to take your bird to an avian vet for a check up. Dr. B can not help you because he can not examine your bird.

I am sorry we can't help, I hope you find a good vet that can examine the bird and help it.

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