bumble foot gangreen?

by zilegna
(brooklyn ny US)

i have a baby cockatiel that was always a little clumsy and would fall out of the breeding box i had placed for its parents, so one day i woke up and saw that the baby only weeks old (im guessing because it was still a fluffy yellow) was hanging from the box, its leg was caught on a thread from the cloth that was put in the box so i cut the thread but now when i am removing it from its parents and the box i noticed that a thread has been embedded into its leg giving it a case if SEVER "bumble foot" im guessing that the thread got caught on its foot and couldnt be removed, so now the foot is very swollen and its foot is very dark in color. the baby bird doesnt apply any pressure onto it so he/she relies on leaning onto other things, is there any treatment for this that wont be too costly because vet bills are on the pricey side. And should i remove the sibling bird from the same cage. this is the second set of cockateil babies i have and have never seen such a situation...please help.

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Mar 30, 2010
bumble foot gangreen?
by: Linda

FIRST OF ALL, GET THIS BABY TO AN AVIAN VET LIKE YESTERDAY! The baby will most likely lose its leg, and it you keep waiting, it will lose its life. ALSO, REMOVE ANY CLOTH FROM THE NESTBOX. I RECOMMEND USING NOTHING MORR THAT CLEAN, UNUSED SHREDDED NEWSPAPER IN THE BOXES IF YOU USE ANYTHING AT ALL. Make sure the newspaper is just the white paper and does not have ink on it. You can buy roll ends from local newspaper offices very cheaply, and we use it to line our bird's bottom trays. It can be shredded either in a shredder or by hand and used for the nest boxes.

I'm also horrified that you would be against taking this little baby to an Avian Vet before now. This was not the baby bird's fault, and was yours for putting stringy cloth inside the nestbox. We don't use cloth just like we dont use wood chips in the boxes because babies or parents tend to eat some of both, and baby birds don't know the difference between a rag, wood chip and dinner. They also have no control over getting caught up in hanging threads. Taking babies and adults to Avian Vet is a part of having birds and most especially for those breeding them.

Please take bird into an Avian Vet as this is part of raising birds for fun and/or profit. Only the bird mill breeders stay away from Avian Vets to make their profit margin higher at the expense and suffering of the birds they are supposed to be caring for.If you cannot afford treatment for this little one, then have it humanely euthanized as you, evidently, do not realize how much pain it is in all the time. Birds feel pain same as we do, and so you must take responsiblity here and either give bird a chance to live or allow to go.


Mar 29, 2010
Baby bird needs avian vet
by: The Avian Vet

You need to take this bird in to see an avian veterinarian. The string needs to be removed, antibiotics need to be prescribed, pain medications need to be prescribed, and the circulation needs to be assessed. It is possible that the dark part may need to be amputated. This is not something that can be treated at home.

Dr B

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