bumblefoot and gout

can you tell me what is the difference between bumblefoot and gout,i have read that both have swollen feet i have a turquoisine with like cysts on them and i have three gouldians with swollen feet,the turk is in hospital cage,the gouldians are in avariy,they have versa larga seed ,cuttlefish,dried egg food different size natuaral perches,calcium twice week and avigold the rest of week,im stuck as to know what to do,and how to cure these problems as i have no bird vet near me,id like to cure myself if poss as it stresses the birds if moved.

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Apr 21, 2012
Bird has bumblefoot or gout?
by: The Avian Vet

First let me say that the benefits of medical care outweigh the stress caused by transport and handling and regardless of where the avian veterinarian is located, it is worth driving there for medical care. Neither of these medical conditions are something you can treat at home.

Gout is not treatable, neither at home or at a veterinary hospital. Gout is caused by kidney disease and it is when uric acid builds up in the blood stream when the kidneys can no longer filter the uric acid, then it precipitates in the joints. This is the most painful condition any animal or person can endure. The only option in cases of gout is euthanasia. Gout is recognized by small raised areas on the joints of the feet and wings, and it may cause some swelling. Gout can also be internal.

Bumblefoot is not only treatable, it is preventable. First, birds need to be on a diet that is 80% pellets, 20% healthy treats. For finches it should be 50-60% pellets, 30% seeds, and the rest healthy treats. Proper nutrition is one of the most important factors in an overall healthy bird and particularly in healthy feet. I suggest Harrison's or Roudybush pellets and for you to avoid colored, high sugar pellets.

Perches are the next most important factor in healthy feet. There should be no wooden or plastic dowels because these are smooth and uniform shape which causes bumblefoot; and there should be no sandpaper covers on the perches. These are abrasive and can cause feet problems.

There needs to be a variety of perch size, shape, and texture. Natural branches (not from outside) and Rope Boings and Perches are good.

Most important is that you offer a pedicure perch as the highest perch. (I prefer the Polly's Pastel Pedicure Perch) This will not only keep the nails trimmed, but it will prevent bumblefoot. The right pedicure perch can even cure some minor lesions of bumblefoot. This disease is in the bottom surface of the feet and usually does not cause noticeable swelling, especially on the top surface of the feet.

Usual symptoms are subtle for minor lesions, but more severe lesions will cause limping, or non-weight bearing on the affected foot. Severe cases may need regular bandaging or surgery.

I do not know what your birds have, so you need to take them to see an avian veterinarian for a diagnosis and proper treatment.

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Dr B

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