Bumblefoot treatment

by The Avian Vet

Bumblefoot and can be very serious,. It is painful and can lead to systemic illness if not treated early and properly. This is not something that can be fixed at home. You need to see an avian veterinarian.

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Treatment requires antibiotics, pain management, bandaging and possibly surgery. You may also want to look at the perches to see if this is part of the cause. Diet can also be a contributing factor.

Perches should be varied with at least three different types – like natural wood branches,
, and pedicure. The pedicure perch if chosen properly, will treat minor lesions and prevent others.

Vitamin A in the diet is critical for treatment and prevention. If you birds are not on pellets then you should convert them.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

It is not easy to supplement vitamin A or other nutrients. (Do NOT try vitamin supplements!) You can try fresh vegetables and organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor or Booster from Healx.

Dr B