Buying a Maui Sunset Macaw

by Alvin

I'm Thinking about Buying a Maui Sunset Macaw. I live in maui. where can I buy one here? thats socialized and will eat from your hand and love my son and be a good experience for him? what should I look for? should I by a young one thats been bred and socialized? what can I expect when we get it home?

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Feb 16, 2011
Buying a Maui Sunset Macaw
by: Linda

Tracie pretty well covered everything, and I just want to add some more here. I suggest you buy a regular Blue and Gold Macaw instead of any of the Hybrids. You are only looking at the nice coloration, and what I guarantee you is that you won't know what you've got until some time passes. If this is your first parrot, stay away from the big birds entirely. The larger parrots just like the smaller ones are exotic wild animals, and they can inflict serious injuries to the untrained person. You must always start with a smaller species before you move up to larger ones. Handling is more difficult with larger birds, and as Tracie says, larger messes, larger noise and cages have to be extremely large for them. You'll need a full sized Double Macaw size cage, and this will cost you $600+ as you go up in quality. So, if you cannot afford to house bird properly, get a smaller bird.

The reason I mentioned the Blue and Gold is that they are the most docile of the larger Macaws. You can still have problems if you are not an experienced Large Bird handler, and I'm not kidding about injuries. They have 100 to 200 pounds of crushing power in their beaks, and once they clamp down on you, it takes another person and some time to get loose. In the meantime, you are being mauled.I speak from painful, bloody experience here, and I'm an experienced handler of Macaws and Cockatoos.

Read everything you can find on how to work with parrots, feeding, natural branch wood perches, safe toys appropriate for size bird. Make sure you have an Avian Vet in your area as your new bird will need to go to Avian Vet the first few days to a week as most birds contract infections when being moved around.

You are not going to magically have ANY bird come into your home ready to be lovey-dovey with all of you. Reality is, you'll get a frightened, possibly sick bird who is going to have to get to know you all. Trust is earned not freely given, and this is especially true with parrots. If bird has not been around children, it will take a long time to like children. If you have very small children, it may never like them as they move too fast and are erratic in their behaviors.

Do your homework because the safety of you and your family depend on making an informed decision here not just getting the first thing you see. Make sure you understand parrot behavior and the fact even the handfed babies are still exotic wild animals who will grow up to be just that. The more spoiled these babies are, the worse they will be when grown. Take your time, learn what you need to know and get a parrot of pure bloodline instead of the hybrid as you will be glad you did. Hybrids came from people who are experimenting with breeding and not from a love of the birds. Experimentation leads to problems, and you don't want to be on the receiving end of them.


Feb 16, 2011
Maui Sunset Macaw
by: Tracie

The Maui Sunset Macaw really has nothing to do with Maui, per se'. It is just a cross between a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Red-Fronted Macaw.

If you can find a breeder in Hawaii that has them, then you can certainly own one. Please, please, please read all you can about them and how intense the work at caring for a large bird is.

Big birds make BIG noises and BIG messes and take a BIG amount of your time. They need lots of interaction. Also, they have BIG beaks that can do a lot of harm if you do not train your bird.

(Your question was posted here, because you sent it via email instead of posting it under Parrot Questions.)

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