buying a parrot without a ring

by molanjay
(west midlands)

I'm looking at buying a parrot but it hasn't got a ring, should I buy it?

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Dec 13, 2011
buying a parrot without a ring
by: Linda

the leg bands are not important unless you live in an area that requires them. In the old days, when parrots were still being imported into this country, the metal bands were evidence they had been through a quarantine station somewhere when they came into country. These stations fed them antibiotics for 30-45 days to make sure no diseases were being brought into the country. Many birds died on the journey or during quarantine.

Now, the bands are usually plastic and used for the breeder's benefit so they know when baby was hatched and from which parents. So these bands can come off at any time as can the ones from older wild-caught imported parrots.

Parrots are no longer imported into this country as it is illegal which it should have been back in the day. They say ignorance is bliss, so I guess this was the case in the past. 85% of all parrots imported had to make a long journey by boat in containers and most died before they ever saw a pet shop or a new home.

So, the band is not important unless you need to know exactly how old your bird is and which breeder facility he came from. New York used to require banding or the law would confiscate the bird, and not sure about that anymore. It would be a very good idea to keep all paperwork on the transaction of buying your bird and your trip to an Avian Vet the first few days. Please take him for this exam and do not bring him home to any other birds until he has had this exam because a lot of pet store birds are either already sick or incubating an infection which can be easily passed to any other birds in residence.

Basically, having a parrot means also having an Avian Vet within driving distance as they all get sick or injured and need yearly exams to make sure they stay healthy.

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