Buying another bird as company, will they bond?

by Laura Rawlings
(Lancashire, Great Britain)

We have a conour parrot given to my husband who bonded with it while he was on a building job. The parrot loves my husband and sits for hours with him and goes to sleep on him, he will sit on my husband as he works all day long when he is in the house. Would it be wise to get a mate for our parrot, would he still bond with a new bird or is there a chance that our parrot could regect another bird?

Laura Rawlings
Lancashire, UK

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Mar 03, 2011
Getting another bird for company
by: Tracie

How sweet your bird sounds!

There is no guarantee your bird will even like another bird. You would have to keep them in separate cages until you were sure that they not only get along outside the cages, but can share a cage.

You certainly would not want to purchase a "mate" for the bird. If you are not experienced with breeding birds, and do not have customers that will purchase the birds, you would be risking the health of your bird and babies for lack of knowledge and experience.

If you feel your bird is lonely during the day or something like that, you can purchase another bird and cage that YOU want, and the bird would have some company. It must be a bird you love, because you will be the one that needs to love it, spend time with it, feed it and clean up after it.

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