buying first conure pair or not

by steve

soon i want to purchase my first considering a sun,jenday, or question is that one day i would definitely like to have to that could live together and keep each other company in the same cage...

so would it be best just the buy them together when they are young? or would it be okay later in life to get a second.

and also can you cage different species like a green cheek and a sun?

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Oct 26, 2010
Getting two birds or one now
by: Tracie

If there are two birds that you like that have been raised in the same cage, then it will work to purchase both at the same time and keep them in the same cage.

If you don't find cage mates to purchase together, it doesn't matter what bird you purchase second, even if it is a sun conure to go with a green cheeked conure, you will have to keep them in separate cages possibly forever. You never know if two birds will get along.

Oct 26, 2010
by: steve

where do you find these adoption agencies online?

Oct 26, 2010
Take your time
by: Anonymous

I have a Jenday Conure and a Goffins Cockatoo
that are the best of freinds.
I was lucky...not all birds bought at
different times get along so well.
My advice, from a lady that has owned parrots
for 18 keep the two separated
and let them have ample time to acclimate
to each other at home. It can take up
to a year.
So take it slow...and enjoy.

If you can, buy from a parrot adoption agency.
There are many parrots that come from
displaced homes that could really use the love
of a truely dedicated parrot lover like
yourself. All my best.

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