buzbie amazon parrot died of liver failure

by net brad

hello,m had an amozen parrot for 20 years i bought it because it looked so sad and neglected,up untill 2 days ago she was fine ,then i noticed she did not greet me ,was not eating was not her usual self,took her to the vet,he said she had liver failure and was very ill,the parrot did not last the night,i am so sad,was there any thing i could have doneplease answer me .tyvm

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Apr 08, 2010
buzbie amazon parrot died of liver failure
by: Linda

Hello, and we are so very sorry for your loss! It is never easy to lose one of our birds, and one we've had for so long is even worse as the bond just gets stronger with each year.

Amazons tend to put on fat, and their diets have to be planned and watched very carefully. Your next bird needs to be eating 80-90% Organic High Quality Pellets, and Tracie carries several brands of organic pellets out here. The other portion of the diet should be in 10-15% fruit and veggies, but not more than that as it will interfere with basic nutrition if too much. ABSOLUTELY NO PEOPLE OR TABLE FOODS, AND THIS INCLUDES ALL THE SALTY, SUGARY, FAT STUFF WE HUMANS LOVE TO EAT.

Unfortunately, Amazons tend to have fatty liver disease more than some of the other species because THEY ARE FOOD LOVERS, AND LOVE ANY AND EVERYTHING. If bird is not very active, you'll also have to watch how much of the pellets as well. Our Amazons got fat eating Harrison's organic pellets, the best diet in the world, and had to be put on a little diet by just cutting back on how many pellets. Amazons who are not very active tend to put on more weight than ones who are active, so keep your next bird active by changing toys out every month or so. You can recycle toys back in later, and bird will think he/she has a NEW TOY!

Also, take your new bird, when you are able to think of one, to the Avian Vet soon as you get it home because all birds tend to contract infections when being moved around. Neglected birds like yours was are worse off than that and usually already have some long-term problem, so some bloodwork is called for. Younger birds tend to snap back quicker with a wholesome diet, enough rest (about 12 hours darkness and 12 hours using full spectrum light bulbs above cage). We put ours to bed around 9pm, cover them, and they get up when we do at around 8am each day. They have full spectrum lights above cage which are turned on every day. Sun coming through windows is only good for plants and NOT birds or other animals.

Once you have finished grieving for the loss of your good friend, write us back when you are thinking of another bird so we can chat again. Just remind me (us) that you wrote in about the 20 year old Amazon who died of fatty liver disease. We are here to help in any way we can, and our hearts are hurting too as we KNOW what you are going through. It will get better in time though you'll NEVER forget your sweet bird. Take heart in that you gave a neglected bird a second chance, and he was happy for many years because of YOU!!! Many Blessings to you and your family,from Ours!

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