CAG Injury with photo

by Shaina Mistry

Sid CAG chest injury

Sid CAG chest injury

I have a CAG who is 1yr old. 2months back we got him stitched up because he had a wound on his stomach/chest area. His vet said that he got this wound because he tries to fly from his perch/chair/stool and when he swoops down he does not land on his feet but on his stomach/chest area.

He started bleeding again yesterday and we took him to the vet today and she said that it has become worst, there is no skin only bone inside she has suggested a graph surgery. I am worried required advice whether i should go in for that or not. Shaina

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Aug 30, 2012
CAG Injury with photo
by: Shaina

Thanks for the Vet list. Dr. Yuvraj is already taking care of Sid. He also was so happy that the wound had healed and now this had to happen. Prior to that another vet Shivani was taking care of him and she had stitched him up. How it reoccured no one knows because we were not allowing him to swoop down.

Aug 30, 2012
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by: Tracie

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Aug 30, 2012
G injury with photo
by: Shaina

Thanks all of you for your comments. Sid was doing fine and the wound had healed 90% with application of Quadriderm ointment n Neospirin powder. All chairs and high objects which he would like to climb upon were removed from the room. We would remove him from his cage because he HATES staying in the cage and he would walk around the whole house whistling and making sounds. Just when he the wound had practically healed he tore it open again with his beak. I don't know whethere he is ever going to be OK. Tried ordering for Healx cream, soother n Harrisons pellets but they don't send to India. Was contemplating the idea of making him wear a collar. Will the skin n feathers ever come? Would appreciate any advice/suggestions.

Jul 09, 2012
CAG with chest injury
by: The Avian Vet

This can be a very serious type of injury. It is almost always caused by the wrong wing clip. This problem cannot be expected to no recur if the wing feathers are not allowed to grow back allowing your bird to learn to fly. Once he can fly, AND LAND, then a proper wing clip can be done. During the healing time, he should not be allowed to sit on high spots like cage tops and shoulders. He must be prevented from landing on his chest or this will never heal.

Often times this can be managed as an open wound, but sometimes it will require surgery. Generally one or two surgeries is as much as can be done on this area because there is not much skin or subcutaneous tissue to work with. I cannot advise on whether or not your bird needs surgery based on the pictures. If there is not enough tissue to work with then, surgery is not an option unless a graph is done. Some times I can avoid surgery using wound management. We use a bandaging technique, a special topical cream called Soother Plus from Healx and we even use sugar or honey as effective wound treatments, even in severe injuries. I recommend that if your veterinarian is not an avian veterinarian, then you should consider a second opinion. Otherwise, you should follow the advice of your veterinarian.

There is another very important factor and that is nutrition. It appears that your bird is thin (under weight) and has poor feather quality. It is recommended that birds eat 80% pellets, and 20% treats. Avoid colored pellets and those with sugar (like ZuPreem). The best pellet to feed is Harrison's. Complete and balanced nutrition is necessary to promote normal healing.

I noticed too that he is standing with his right leg off to the side? This may be affecting his ability to land properly.

Dr B
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Jul 09, 2012
CAG injury with Photo
by: Anonymous

I think that surgery should be the last option. Why can't they try antibiotics, ointment n bandaging him? As long as he is in the cage until such time the wound heals wouldn't he be OK? How come when the stitches were done 2 months back this happened? What do you mean by his wings are not clipped properly? Even if a surgery is done what is the guarantee that it might not re-occur?

Jul 08, 2012
Good luck
by: Anonymous

Hi shaina, we are all hoping your gray turns out to be ok. Please bring him to a vet as soon as possible and go with the operation. And please let us know how everything goes.
Lyane from canada

Jul 08, 2012
Qualified Vet go ahead!
by: Asif Arain

It seems he didn't fledged properly as for now
You should not leave him open/ out if cage as he will
Try to take off and the result will be crash landing or worst.
I suggest you go ahead with the surgery as vet says don't make it late for the bird sake.
And please keep us updated thank you

Jul 07, 2012
injured cag.
by: Anonymous

I would immmediately get your grey to a vet. He could very easily break his keel bone if he keeps landing on his chest and it can kill him. Is his wings clipped too short, hence, the reason for him crashing? Please take him to an avian vet and have him checked over. If you don't, he might have internal injuries and you could lose him. Good luck.

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