Cage 3 Parrotlets together?

by C S

I just bought 3 Parrotlets. They are all pretty young I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to cage them all together and have them still bond to me and my husband.

I have been researching and have read that it is not a good idea to keep two or more parrotlets together b/c they no longer need human interaction. But the main reason I got them was that I heard they learn to love their owners and really bond with you.

I do not want to sell any and I certainly don't want three different cages! What do you think I should do? Will I have to cage them separately or is there a way so that they can bond with each other and us while still living in the same cage? Your advice is greatly appreciated!

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Jun 04, 2009
by: Linda

You will need to get the largest, bar size appropriate, cage you can afford for them. They will need room to fly at least back and forth. Cages that are longer/wider horizontally rather than tall are the best for the smaller birds as they have a lot of flying room. In cages that are taller and less wide, birds don't have much room to fly or even play much(outside playtop can help). With 3 of them, you're going to have to buy a larger cage where they have extra feeding/watering cups, perches and room for toys. What you don't want to do is crowd them in any way, as this will lead to fighting, and one or more of them will be hurt, possibly badly.

So, to recap, if the birds all came from different places, then you will HAVE to cage them each in a separate cage to let them get to know each other. If they already know each other, you can house them together in a larger cage situation. If you put them into a small cage suitable for one bird, you will have many problems. As for taming and bonding, you will have to take more time with them as each one will need quality time to get to know you. Let them settle in for the first week, take to vet for checkup, and after the first week, you can start working with them one at a time. A large cage with a large playtop will make it easier to pick them up rather than going into cage all the time.

Hope this helps, and send us pictures after you get everything set up.

Jun 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

As long as you don't have a male/female combination of parrotlets, you will be fine. Do not combine sexes in one cage, because when they become sexually mature in a few months, there will be fighting over pairing up and parrotlets will kill the bird they perceive as a rival for their mate. In order to have a friendly, tame parrotlet, you must set aside some time each day to handle your birds and teach them to step up etc. Parrotlets, like lovebirds will become wild and unfriendly to humans without daily handling. They are wonderful pets when tame, and can be taught to talk. They're little clowns and since they are very active and intelligent, they need a large cage (watch bar spacing) and plenty of interesting toys. good luck and enjoy your new pets!

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