cage cover destroyer

by cindy

Does anyone know if they make a material that my cockatoo can't destroy? I am going broke buying sheets to cover his cage with! He loves to pull it through the bars and all his covers eventually end up with endless holes in them. Any help would be greatly apprecited! Thanks,Cindy

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Feb 26, 2010
by: Arthritic old man

My sun conuer would go nuts when we covered him. We think that someone would use a towel or something like it to catch him. We cleaned out a closet that was big enough for the cage to fit. We have three sun conure's when the oldest one yells it is time for bed. I start to roll the cage to the back room and they all fly right into the cage yelling and screaming. When I shut the door it all goes silent and the old one don't freak out any more. In the morning when they wake up they scream the came way. The cage comes out and they shut up until bed time.

I was told to think like a bird, how would you sleep if someone put a bag on your head every night?

Jan 23, 2010
by: cindy

Thanks so much for the comments! I'm going to try the board idea.I have used coat hangers at the corners to keep the cover away from the bars,the board sounds much easier!

Jan 19, 2010
cage cover destroyer
by: Linda

I'm with Tracie on the cage cover material. We have our two Amazons in a large Macaw cage, and bought a medium weight polyester cover that exactly fits it. They do not bother the cover, and it is taken off when they wake up in the morning.

Maybe your Too does not want to be covered. Are you covering bird to keep it warm? That is what we are doing as our bird's room is at the far end of the house and can get a little chilly in the night. If your home is uniformly warm at night, it may not be necessary to cover your bird.

The idea of the flat board is a good idea if bird's cage is flat on top. The board would need to be of thin lightweight material. So, like Tracie, I'm at a loss to give you a quick fix that will work well for this problem. As you probably already know, Toos can tear up anything except steel, and they'll bend that if it is lightweight. Maybe you can talk with an Avian Vet to brainstorm with them about this issue.

Thanks for writing,

Jan 19, 2010
Cage cover protection
by: Tracie

It isn't the material you need, it is something to keep the material from touching the cage.

If you have a flat top, you can put a board that is a couple of inches bigger on every side across the top and then drape the material over that and it will keep the material a couple of inches from the sides of the cage.

If you have a dome cage, I am not sure what you could do. You would have to come up with something, maybe plant hooks that fit on porch railings, that could attach to the cage.

Well, that is all I can come up with. I don't know that there is any safe material to cover the cage that can't be chewed.

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