Cage mate for Severe Macaw

by Michelle

Are there any other breeds of parrot that my female Severe could have as a cage buddy? Recommendations?

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May 24, 2011
Cage mate for Severe Macaw
by: Linda

No, there are no other species that can be put in the cage with her including another Severe right away. In order to introduce birds to each other, you have to get the bird you want, which in this case, would be nice if it is another Severe or another mini macaw similar in size. Size is important and having birds close in size helps with one bullying the other though it can still happen.

Back to introductions: Put the new bird in its own cage complete with food and water cups, perches made from safe natural wood branch perches, wooden toys made for your bird's size as the parrots like to chew on safe wood, and it also helps to keep the beak honed down so it does not have to be trimmed as often.

Take the new bird to Avian Vet BEFORE bringing it home if possible or within the first few days as ALL birds coming from pets stores and a lot coming from breekers are already sick with some kind of infection. All illness and injury, beak, wing and nail clipping has to be done in an Avian Vet's office as regular dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained to even handle a parrot much less treat it.

If you have not taken your present bird to an avian vet, please do so because if it came from a pet store, I guarantee you it is sick unless they took it and gave you a health certificate stating that. Same with breeders--unless they present you with a very recent health certificate signed by an Avian Vet you can verify, always take new birds to an avian vet as they are usually suffering from either high or low level infection.

Hope this helps, and I envy you your Severe as the entire Macaw family are favorites, and I knew a little Severe named Molly who died of parrot fever because pet shop owner would not tke her to an avian vet. I was saving money to buy her, and when I went in to make down payment was informed they let her die. She was 30 years old and we loved each other dearly! Take care of your bird and give her the best of everything you can possibly afford including medical services when needed or at least once a year for a well bird checkup. Your Macaw is a gift, an Angel, if you will, so never take her for granted.


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