cage or fly free?

by koty

i have bought a amazon parrot and she has been spoiled by the previous owners and been allowed to stay outside her cage for most of the time, but since i have other pets i would perfer to keep her inside her cage,especially when i am gone.. does this affect her or depress her in any way, she has her flight feathers and she likes to fly around the room.i want to make sure she is well taken care of..thanks

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Feb 11, 2013
personal choice
by: Anonymous

It is a personal choice & one that only YOU will know how to answer in time. Not all birds do well clipped & not all birds do well fully flighted. You can easily prepare your home as safe as you possibly can. In the end, there are pros & cons with BOTH clipping & fully flighted. What ever you decide, research more first & see what is suited to you & your bird before you decide. I have birds both clipped & fully flighted. Those that are clipped do better clipped. Those that are fully flighted do better fully flighted, so after some observing of your bird, your home, your surroundings & research in the end only you will know which is the right way to go. You can full proof your home as much as humanly possible but it does not guarantee your birds safety. You can clip your bird, that also doe not guarantee your birds safety.

Feb 09, 2013
Allowing birds to fly around home
by: Tracie

Unless you have a completely bird safe room, your bird should not leave the cage unless the wings are clipped and with you at all times.

If you want your bird to fly around, you need to have a room that can be closed off, does not have access to the outdoors and is completely bird safe.

By bird safe I mean there is not any furniture that has toxic materials, no stuffing that the bird can chew into and ingest or get stuck inside. Always take your shoes off before entering that room, so that you don't bring bird diseases in from outside on your shoes. (Since the bird will be able to walk around on the floor.)

Make sure there are not toxic metals or anything at all toxic that the bird can chew or ingest or get stuck inside.

All that said, the bird will get used to being caged. Just make sure it is a very large cage with room to flutter around, hop from perch to perch and plenty of toys to chew and destroy.

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