cage or no cage in bird room?

by rick diaz
(new york city)

my hyacinth macaw has a play room to himself, does he still need a cage?

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Sep 03, 2011
cage or no cage in bird room?
by: Linda

I kept an Ariel Toucan this way once, and it worked okay. She had a bedroom that was hers with a cut tree in it so she could roost and play. We had to make sure room was clear of all possible toxins and/or accidents waiting to happen. She needed the room to fly, and this was the way we chose for her while she was with us. Later, we built her an 8 foot by 8 foot flight, and she also enjoyed this plus she was safe in it. Birds need full spectrum lighting, so make sure it is of the hanging variety closer to the ceiling. You'll also have to cage any cords coming down to make sure she leaves cords and plug along. Bird will have to have full spectrum light, so this is another consideration. The other way to do is to buy one of the fixtures you wire into an existing light fixture and then just turn on and off using the light switch. This would be safer though the ones hanging from short chain like shop lights will also work if you are careful to cage cords and plug.

So, just make sure bird has everything a bird needs to be happy like natural branch wood perching tree which will be quite a mess to keep clean, fresh water and food that does not have dirt and feces in them.

Since Hyacinths are so large, this could work, and you'll need a screen door made of strong stainless steel 1" by 1" welded wire and not a regular light screen door because your Macaw will tear it or one made of wood to pieces. You want bird to be part of the family activity, so he will need to ba able to see through door or he will feel thrown away.


Sep 02, 2011
Bird cage in bird only room?
by: Tracie

Ohhhh, controversial subject!! ;-)

Here is my opinion:

If your bird room is closed off from the rest of the house and does NOT have a door that goes outside, then the room is like a cage to me.

I personally would still provide a corner of the room with a java wood tree like feature with maybe something in front of part of it so the bird can hide and get some privacy in that big space.

You MUST make sure that there is nothing in that room that is toxic to the bird, even the metal on light fixtures can be toxic. You also must make sure there is no way anyone can accidentally open the bird room door and your bird escape into the house and die from something toxic or escape out the front door.

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