cage time

by Derek Gray

is it ok to let my grey stay out all the time i have a cage that the top opens she doesn't mind being in there at night and sleeps high on a perch I've herd that is a good way to keep her nails trimmed naturally but she is soo good when she is out i really want to just let her out all the time could it create bad sleeping patterns i usually have her out as soon as i get up and then all day she plays on some crazy play gyms i made for her she can get to her cage still easy and goes in when she's hungry just don't wanna do it if it will make anything bad happen

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Mar 17, 2012
Cage time for parrot
by: Tracie

Your bird will sleep when she wants to sleep, as long as she can get in the cage to roost. My mother has a Playtop cage and leaves the door open from sun up to sun down and I believe this is healthy. She also has a portable bird play stand that she moves the bird to when she is in a room that the cage is not in.

The only time the bird needs to be put in the cage, with the door closed, is when you are not right there to watch her. If you leave the room, she could flutter down to the floor and chew something toxic, climb into something or even get stepped on by walking around the house where she is not expected.

Thanks for checking. :-)

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