by Andrew Baer
(International Space Station (Just two more weeks!))

I own a King powder coat cage. In transit, during a move, some bars were scratched. Not wanting rust I painted them with trials of various special enamels...always allowing the volatiles to take leave of the cage for a week.

Somehow, every time, she would find these sites and chew the paint off. She can't do that with the powder coat. I tried covering them with a sharp red pepper coating but to her that is like candy.

Yes, I know it is attention getting. I did a magic show with her so this is her chance to get even. (I have no illusions.) Any ideas. Can one just section powder coat parts for treatment. I was thinking of a two part epoxy! Of course I could water-board her which some of her colleagues have suggested.

She retired from the Clandestine Branch of the CIA five years ago.

Andy and Friend

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Aug 09, 2009
Too busy
by: Bogarte & Friend

Andy has generally been very good to me. When he did his Internal Medicine Residency from 86 to 89 he wired his house so the lights would come on and off at appropriate times, the TV and radio on and off at appropriate times, and he purchased something then available at Radio Shack that allowed him to call the house and activate the speaker phone.

He felt very, very guilty about his nights away from me on call. In fact during this period he felt so badly that when he came home he had this special perch so I could sleep next to him in the bedroom. (Yes, I think he is certifiable.)

One day during a time he was covering the Coronary Care Unit...Inner City Hospital...11 acute beds and 22 step downs. Never a lull in the festivities.

Nobody knew about this phone system. One night in the CCU there was a rare break and he called me as he always does.

"Bogie, it's daddy. How are you?"

I don't think I ever totally grasped the concept of the phone but I know it is this weird thing that reproduces his voice and I can talk to him. I would say.

"I love you."
"Andy, come get me!"

One of his patients had a connection at the local station in Baltimore, Channel 54 and they have the "pet of the day" that does the station break. Always cats and dogs! He broke away from his rotation in the Emergency Room and took me to the studio where I got my 15 minutes of fame...actually they ran my picture with the break at the half and the hour!

OK, he found a place for paint. Understand this. The subject is debatable. He has been giving me more toys, wood, lots of stuff to forage so I have lost interest in paint.

He did not want to buy $100 worth of water based paint so he found the following site that caters to people who build airplane models and have to deal with nitromethane getting on the paint. I warn you that it is made with "hot" solvents. You need to paint it outside. The volatiles will be gone in a few minutes but DO NOT PUT THE BIRD IN THE CAGE FOR SEVEN DAYS. That is how long the full cure takes. Sand bars down to full metal and clean with varnish remover which is also used for the clean up. The paint will dove tale into powder coat but go easy. Remember this is a "hot" solvent mix.

Got to: and click on paint store. Give the guy a call. Send him a picture of your cage with a white sheet next to it so he can to a color balance and get a close idea of the tint. You can get a quart which is basically two pints. We spent about $38 which is about the same as going to a car dealership and getting 2 component urethane which is not as tough.

The guy is very to him. He will help.

You can roll on or brush. Use a bristle. Can't use a latex or it will melt. If you spray with a special gun, you will need a reducer which thins it. I don't think it is necessary to go to that trouble. Roll on and touch up at any powder coat epoxy junctions can be done with a small brush.

Aug 03, 2009
Sources for two part epoxy
by: Andy

Do you know of any sources for two part epoxy. Most of the places I contacted only sell it by the gallon...pretty expensive!

Aug 03, 2009
to paint or not to paint
by: bird & friend

Yes, the vocs are the most dangerous, But some components of the epoxy once cured are also dangerous if ingested. Well, with the FDA at the helm we are all going to live a lot less.

Bogarte's clandestine activities are still classified but some pics can be released.

Jul 18, 2009
CIA Parrot
by: Linda

Andy, since she was a member of the CIA, that is why she keeps finding places you have painted on her cage. One cannot put anything over on the CIA that's for sure!!! What a gorgeous girl, and she looks like an Amazon? Where in the heck does she carry her gun?

As for your cage, the two part epoxy will be your best non toxic way to go. Put the coating on outside, and let it air out and gas out for several days then maybe add another coat. Rough up or sand off the paint already there, and do the glue work outside--a porch or even garage will do if it is raining. According to our vet, once two part epoxy is dry, is non-toxic and virtually bird-proof since they "don't know it's there", and will keep cage from rusting. I assume it is good for metal since it is used to glue metal jewelry parts into and onto crystals and such. We had to use it on some badly cracked Manzanita branches we had, and so we asked vet about the 2 part epoxy, and she said once dry it is non-toxic. Our birds have never had any problems, don't chew it, and they live on these perches.

All other metal paints including primers are not good to use with birds, and all of it comes off very easily when introduced to a parrot's beak.You can also get powder coat type of paint, but I believe it is baked on. You can also go on the internet and find places that could sand-blast and re-powder coat cage for you, but it may be expensive. I'd like to say you can do it yourself, but paint needs to be baked on I believe(you may wish to check it out). The epoxy would be the fastest and cheapest fix I can think of, if little miss fixit does not know it was done. The two-part epoxy dries very hard, and may be impervious to her beak anyway.Just let it dry out sufficiently, and she'll think you gave it a really good cleaning, and that you have "given up" on the painting idea.

Let us know how it goes, and if we can be of further assistance, please let us know that too. This site is no illusion either, just real people doing real things with their very real birds!

It is a pleasure to "talk" with you!

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