by Deb
(Rhode Island)

Why do CAG's spread their wings and do a dance? My CAG who is male and 10 years old will do this with my boyfriend....

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Nov 06, 2010
by: Linda

This is called a mating dance, and it is also used to keep other males from coming into their territory, which is YOU. Your male, fully mature Grey is sexually bonded with you the female in the family, and boyfriend is seen as a kind of interloper (no offense intended, just stating the facts).

So, there is nothing wrong here, and do keep a close eye on your Grey when he is near your boyfriend. Also do not carry your bird on your shoulder because it puts the bird too close to your eyes and face. Birds sometimes display displaced aggression where they will bite the one they are with if they cannot bite the one they want. Always keep this in mind and keep your bird off your shoulders. This displaced aggression can be caused by a person bird does not like, a situation that makes bird nervous or frightened. Anything that bird thinks may threaten him can be cause for this displaced aggression and many very bad injuries have occurred from this.

I had a Scarlet Macaw hen years ago, and she would "kiss" me by sticking her tongue out, and I would just barely touch it with dry lips. One day, I had friends over and couldn't wait to show off a bit with what bird and I could do. The Macaw ripped my lip open to the point I needed stitches and then just laughed at me when I cried out. She was nervous with the other people in the room and proceeded to nail me good. We never "played the kiss game" anymore. Birds are exotic wild animals, so ALWAYS err on the side of caution when working with them. I'll never forget the lesson the Macaw taught ME.


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